Our Team

Mia Dawson is a renowned expert in the field of mirrors, known for her extensive knowledge and practical solutions to various mirror-related challenges. With a background in interior design and a passion for reflective surfaces, Mia has dedicated her career to helping individuals and businesses enhance their spaces with the perfect mirrors.

Mia’s fascination with mirrors began during her early years in the world of design, where she discovered the transformative power of mirrors in interior spaces. She recognized how mirrors could not only beautify a room but also create the illusion of space, amplify light, and serve as functional art pieces.

Throughout her career, Mia has become a trusted advisor on a wide range of mirror topics. She is particularly skilled at addressing common issues such as selecting the right type of mirror for different spaces, developing effective mirror maintenance routines, and providing tips for cleaning various mirror surfaces. Her approach is centered around offering practical, easy-to-implement solutions that cater to the unique needs of each client.

Mia’s expertise extends to understanding the latest trends in mirror design and how they can impact the overall aesthetics of a space. She enjoys sharing her insights on innovative mirror styles, shapes, and finishes, helping clients make informed decisions that align with their personal style and interior design goals.

In addition to her work with mirrors, Mia is passionate about promoting the importance of proper mirror placement and care. She believes that a well-chosen and well-maintained mirror can elevate the beauty of a space and enhance the well-being of its occupants.

For those interested in incorporating mirrors into their interior design or solving mirror-related problems, Mia Dawson provides valuable guidance and expertise. Her dedication to the field and her commitment to helping others achieve their design aspirations make her a trusted resource for anyone looking to explore the world of mirrors.

Email: mia@lookatmirrors.com